Victor Denfrey Steele


Victor Denfrey Steele’s first career was as a Marine fighter pilot. Throughout his life in the Corps, and even while in Vietnam, he maintained his interest in drawing and painting. After retiring from the Marine Corps at age 42 as Lieutenant Colonel, Vic began his second career in art, studying for four years in Atlanta with the Chatov family of artists – Roman, Constantin, and briefly with Roman’s son Marc. Roman and Constantin were Russian immigrants “of the old school” who painted portraits of Georgia notables for decades.  Vic’s work was heavily influenced by the Chatovs, but he evolved a slightly more impressionistic style, the intensity of his colors were exaggerated or muted to suit his purpose.  Victor passed away in 2008, but his beautiful paintings continue still to be privately and corporately collected.

If interested in the work of Victor Denfrey Steele, and any available pieces, please contact.