Fine Art Meets Functional Art in Luxury Art Doors

The transformational aspect of fine art and its potential to inspire can never be overestimated.  TSL fine art paintings are also available as functional works of art that permit light to travel through while at the same time providing privacy for rooms, elegant options for closets, entryways, and space division.   Each door is an original work of art, designed specifically to reflect the aesthetics of the space for which it is created.  From inception to completion, the artist is completely involved in the creative process, every door her design and work, with no two doors alike.

Please take a moment and view this beautiful video provided by Amber Markay Byrd:





















Front Side
Back Side



Double Door Options  – Slides Right and Left


Collaboration Amber Byrd, Levino Jones Medical Interiors, Tina Steele Lindsey

  • Perfect for residential/corporate/commercial spaces.
  • Options available for a single or double work of art per door.
  • Optional solid wood framing is available, each frame built by a master craftsman with no veneers ever used.
  • Top mounted sliding system hardware not included, a separate quote may be provided.
  • Shipping available.

Inquire today about commissioning your luxury fine art door.  For a no obligation quote, simply provide the height and width measurements of door or entryway opening – and that’s it!

By appointment in 2019 in Kennesaw, GA.