Tina Steele Lindsey

Tina Steele Lindsey grew up mostly in the South Carolina low country with stints in Alabama before moving to the Atlanta area in her teen years.  Her early life would prove to be that of observation and osmosis, soaking in the talents of her parents and the diverse cultural ethnology she was exposed to.  Her artistic energies were spent in the form of dance and music; it would not be until the twenty-first century Tina would pick up brush and palette and create her magic on canvas.  After a brief introduction to painting under her late father, Victor Denfrey Steele, Tina went on from there experimenting in both traditional and impressionistic methods of painting.  While many professional artists boast art degrees, Tina’s work speaks for itself, the result on canvas is of a talent, an eye, and soul that very few manage to communicate in a lifetime.  The cliché – a picture is worth a thousand words – prevails here.
~ Philip Quinn Morris